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Beer lovers all over Europe use the Pint Please beer app to keep track of the beers they have tasted. In Pint Please, users rate their beers and collect Stickers and virtual rewards, by drinking beer.

Pint Please also gives recommendations on new beers to taste and venues to go to.

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Brewery Package options

Brewery profile in Pint Please

Claim your brewery for visual impact

You can claim your brewery so that you are in control of how YOUR brewery is visually presented to the people that love your beer.

The alternative is that well-behaving Pint Please users maintain all content.

This one is on us. Brewery User rights for you are FREE!

Brewery sticker in Pint Please

Brewery sticker

Brewery sticker is a super popular virtual reward in the Pint Please beer app, which users will get by tasting a beer from YOUR brewery.

Our users love to collect stickers as they taste more and more beers. Stickers have levels. The more the user tastes your beers, the higher level they will reach.


- Your brewery sticker will always stay in Pint Please.

- Every time Pint Please user checks his/her stickers other users will see your brewery sticker and therefore your logo.

- Every time somebody drinks your beer in Pint Please your brand logo will be displayed in the feed for others to see.

- Users share their stickers on social media.

Beer sticker in Pint Please

Beer sticker

A beer sticker is like a brewery sticker (see above) but for one individual beer. The Pint Please user receives the sticker when they rate the beer. It's one more way to make sure the customer picks your beer more times. Receiving a sticker is a great engaging moment for the user!

It's a great way to promote your new beer at launch or any of your classic brews from your brewery's selection.

Banner advertisement in Pint Please

Banner advertising

You can promote your beers in Pint Please also with banner ads.

Banners are displayed in Feed-view, which is displayed every time the user has rated a beer. The result is that thousands of beer drinkers will see your ad every single day which increases the likelihood of you selling more of your beers. These users are genuinely interested in beer, so you are talking to an engaged audience.

The banner ad can link to your brewery profile in Pint Please or any of your beer profiles. Also, external links to web pages are possible.

Cost per thousand views starts at 20€/CPM.

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